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How to keep your child healthy?

Children can be a little complicated when it comes to food, they can enjoy a tasty dish, but it has to appeal to their senses. The snacks are their favorite food during the day because they can get the sweets that they like; for them, snacks are all the food they will need. However, many of those snacks are not healthy for kids.


Obesity and diabetes are starting to gain ground among children; this is because bad eating habits, which include tons of sweets and unhealthy food. Today we show you seven healthy and nutritious snacks that will make your children happy and will provide the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to their diets.


Seven types of nutritious snacks for children


With the little ones, we have to be creative in every aspect, especially the food. As parents, you can trick them into eating healthy food, without telling or force them to eat food that they don’t like. Vegetables and fruits can be disguised as a sweet dish that they will enjoy. Check these snacks as a way to teach them to eat healthily.

  • Popcorn: this versatile snack doesn’t need to be only for the movies; it can be perfectly prepared at home. But few know about its nutritious aspect, it is a whole grain that carries tons of nutrients and fiber that works as a filling snack. Plus you can prepare many forms of snacks with pure popcorn, from sweet with cinnamon and sugar to salty popcorn with different types of cheese.
  • Ice pops: this snack combines two very healthy food: fruits, and milk or yogurt, that will provide many nutrients like calcium and vitamins. You can control the amount of every ingredient and what kind of fruit goes into the ice pop. If your child has problems with the lactose, you can find substitutes without it or use sparkling water and fruits.
  • Cookies: the favorite snacks of children and adults alike, but surprisingly, these can be very healthy. It will depend on the ingredients that you use for their baking. We recommend to give children homemade cookies instead of buying the ones in boxes. So start to prepare different recipes of cookies, to finally find the ones perfect for your family, plus you can have fun with the little ones while baking them.
  • Pizza: another one that doesn’t look like a healthy snack, but again, it will depend on its preparation. Use whole-wheat flour for the dough, and the toppings can be different vegetables like tomato, peppers, onions, ham and low-fat cheese. Try to go with the natural or homemade tomato sauce. You can also bake fruit and make sweet pizza. Be creative!
  • Sandwich: there are tons of different sandwiches out there; you can put everything in the middle of two bread slices. Remember to use bread baked from whole-wheat flour, and the filling must be very nutritious like fruits, low-fat cheese, natural peanut butter, marmalade, meat or ham. The choice is up to you and your child’s preferences.
  • Arroz con leche: a traditional and typical dessert from Latin America; it has become one of the favorites in the United States. The preparation is simple, but it requires some time; however, the final result is terrific, and you can prepare a huge pot for the rest of the week.
  • Peanut butter: everyone’s favorite. Natural peanut butter is one of the most nutritious snacks for children. It can be combined with fruits, toasts, cookies, crackers, and others. Try to find it in naturist stores; never buy the processed peanut butter that comes with a lot of sugar and fats.

Snacks can be a lifesaver when it comes to children because they never look too satisfied with food. So try these at home, and have fun with your children, because all the family can participate in the cooking of these. You will be surprised to find out how many dishes can be very healthy with a homemade touch.


How to prepare nutritious snacks?

Follow our tips and prepare fun and nutritious snacks for your child.


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